Always be ready to track your lost phone!

Probably you don’t have lost you phone yet but you should be ready when the time comes. It’s very likely that you will loose your phone somehow. It might be even in your house or even worse been stolen. But the most important thing is to be ready for that moment.

How to find a lost phone in your house that is on silent.

If you haven’t already install the app “Google Find My Phone” to your Android device and that’s all! In case you having difficulties locating the app you can find it here. You don’t have to do anything else after that. Open the app you just installed and you will automatically been logged in with your google account.

Apply the following recommendations for even more chances to find your phone.

  • Set a strong password so in case of a phone theft the device can’t been turned off or unlocked.
  • Remove GPS and internet connection icons from notification because in most phones they can been turned on/off without unlocking the device.
  • Always have an internet connection with your smartphone so “Find My Phone” app can work with accuracy.
  • Set a device password not only SIM password.
  • In some cases you will not be able to get your phone back.

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