How to find a phone in your house, even in silent

Whether you remember where you left your Android phone, stolen or lost in your home, this article will cover all different cases and help you find it. In this case, we will use Google’s “find my device” Android app and web interface to locate the phone.

With the web version of this service we can detect the phone using a computer. All it needs is the app to be installed on the cell phone we want to find. But, on most mobile phones this app for finding the device comes pre-installed. Even if the device is lost and you don’t remember if the app is installed, you can try the instructions below anyway.

Since you own an Android phone, probably you have a Google account. The process is the same whether you want to find a phone using another phone or a web application from a computer. Let’s start with the web version, which is even easier to use. Get in here and, if you haven’t already, login with your Google gmail. In case you want to use another android device to locate you lost phone even inside your house here is app.

how to find a lost phone in your house that is on silent

The following menu will then appear. In the top left, you can see all the phones that are linked to your Google Account. Select the phone you want to locate and then these 3 options will appear in the picture below. Exactly the same options are available from the Android mobile app. But let’s see in detail what these 3 options do.

How to find a lost phone in your house that is on silent

In case you just want to find your lost phone and you know it’s nearby. For example you just lost your phone in your house and forgot in silent mode and you can’t find it with a simple call. Then you just need to use the first option from Google Find My Device which is “PLAY SOUND”. Even if your phone is in silent mode with this option it will start ringing really loud.

How to find your phone even in your house in silent mode

Phone tracking, available actions

  • Play Sound: With this option the phone will start ringing as loud as possible to locate the cellphone if you do not know where you have left it. Even if the phone is in silent mode it doesn’t matter. With this option it will start beating anyway.
  • Secure Device: With this option you can lock the phone and also display a specific message you want on its screen. For example, you can choose to display the message “I’ve lost my cellphone, please call me right away” and select a number so they can call you back. By doing this, your smartphone will be locked and it will only display the selected message.
  • Erase Device: In case the cellphone is stolen, there is also the option to delete all data on the cellphone completely. Essentially, it will reset to factory settings and then lock the cellphone. This way, if you do it in time, the data will not be exposed to third parties. If you can’t find your cellphone and you are sure it was stolen, then you should follow this option.
how to find my lost phone

Prerequisites for proper phone tracking

  • It is important to emphasize that for all above actions, the device that is lost and we want to detect must have internet connection. Only in this way the above actions will be able to work successfully and lead to finding the device. For this reason, it is a good idea to have at least some basic data package.
  • You can find your device on the map, but even if you find it, it will be difficult to locate the exact position of your phone. Assuming the phone is stolen and found on the map in a densely populated area, it is almost impossible to find exactly where it is. GPS receivers work with the help of satellites, but inside buildings they do not work very well and it may have about 20 meters deviation, depending on how reliable and modern GPS is.

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